What is MotorCity MaltHouse?

The microbrewer, craft beers, and micro distillery industry is expanding, especially in Michigan. The entrepreneurs who are growing this market are very much artisans, and look to the past as their inspiration. They are not afraid to try new flavors, new products and clever marketing with their products. One of the trends occurring is the “Made in America, Made in Michigan”, and locally sourced products. Many of the brewers take pride in announcing and marketing the locally grown products. MotorCity MaltHouse is here to support the local breweries with malt that is grown and made in Michigan. MotorCity MaltHouse will:
• Support the local Detroit microbrewers with locally malted grain
• Support local farmers by purchasing grain grown in Michigan
• By using malting techniques, bring unique flavors, colors and textures to the brewer available only to the Michigan brewery
• Support the new breweries that are opening up with hand crafted malt
• Allow the local breweries to sell and market Beer that is 100% made in Michigan
• Bring back a trade that has been lost to large automated factories